Your Game Here

So, does Badlands really need any more promotion? Sure, it is a brilliant game, but do they really need it?

It you think not, then maybe we could add your game in stead. Head over to the Forum, and shoot me a PM at Birkemose, and I will put your game up for display.

What I will need is

  • An image no smaller than 1200 * 256 of them pixels
  • A link to your cool site, facebook or Google+
  • A short description, unless you want me to make one

What you will then get is

  • A mail saying: “No naked women in the pic please”
  • A mail saying: “Please, the pic must have a very weak resemblance to your game”
  • A mail saying: “HalfLife 2 is not your game”


  • Your game on display on the official Cocos2D-ObjC site, for as long as I please
  • A personal Tweet to all our 14K followers
  • Honourably mention on our FaceBook site


I had this idea of taking 1% of your income from you game, for promoting it, until somebody said: “Sure, if you also pay 1% of my bills”.
So of course it is for free, and bye-bye to a brilliant idea!