Migrating to -x

As most will know, Cocos2D based on Objective-C, is currently not cross platform. For those of you who love Cocos2D, but who needs to also release on other platforms than iOS, I have written a series of tutorials on how to migrate to -x.

Here goes

Installing Cocos2D-x with Xcode

Building a Fat Static Library

Cross Compiling for Android

Apart from that, I have written two game demos, demonstrating a lot of the various techniques you need in Cocos2D, to write a game. The games are written 1:1, meaning that you can see how the code works in -objc, and then directly see what that would like like in -x

The Pong demos

The two demos are available on Github





If you have feedback, / suggestions / bug-reports, please post them in the forum

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