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CHAOS IN THE STUDIO – THE COLOR IMPS ARE ON THE LOOSE! Sketch Breaker combines classic arcade fun with modern touch controls and cool color splash effects. You have to see it in action!



Manowar is a ghost ship adrift on dark seas. An original puzzle concept with stunning visuals, atmospheric soundtrack and hours of calming yet relentlessly challenging gameplay. Oh, there’s a secret bonus stage on a submarine too.



Furdemption is about a royal rabbit trying to escape Hell. In this puzzle adventure you’ll encounter searing lava, deadly traps, and terrifying slug-reapers. Use a combination of wits and skill to hop through 100 levels gushing with craftsmanship.



Enjoy Drace the fantastic racing experience with 3 different Game Modes, beautiful handcrafted Racing Tracks and compete with your friends at the Game Center. 
Chase your Ghost in Time Mode and improve your Best Times to be on top of the world ranking list. 


An outstanding interactive reading experience. Turn down the light, and plug in those earphones.


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Previously featured games


Splash Canyons is a unique and awe inspiring puzzle game. Watch in amazement as you mix brightly colored liquids into deep canyon pools.

Each level is hand crafted to perfection to give you the ultimate puzzle solving experience. What might be most mesmerizing is the liquid, beautifully rendered and simulated with a real time physics engine, for maximum fun and



Don’t Get Wet is a game of rhythm, hand-eye coordination and hair-pulling action! With the fate of two cute critters at your finger tips, it’s up to you to keep them from getting soaked!  

Does that even make sense?

If not, playing the game will …



Tower Defense like you’ve never seen it before! Defeat waves of creeps, and take control of your very own hero to save the day.



This is the classic game 2048 with music pictures and sounds related to the farmer in the dell nursery rhyme. Match pictures with one power of two to get the next power of two. With no ads, or in app purchases, Funny noises, and choice of Farmer in the Dell or Old MacDonald had a Farm music.



Clowns, Ballons, Carnivals. What is not to like?



An award winning game experience amongst the very best. Really shows what Cocos2D is capable of.



Indie development at its finest. Could be you, or could be me – if we were capable of developing state of the art gameplay, that is : )