(Really) Flexible positioning

I originally introduced the idea of normalised positioning into cocos2d, and it quickly got very popular. The X-men implemented it, and -objc of course implemented it. The -objc implementation hase some flaws though. Maintaining a positionType property is not a good way, because you will have to check it’s state, before […]



The magic Layer

Throughout December, I will post about the foundation of Cocos2D-PureSwift, to hopefully generate some interest, and get as many as possible to support the KickStarter Project. First post will be about how Cocos2D-PureSwift will handle screen resolution. —o— Scenes and nodes will work as in any other version of Cocos2D. As […]

Cocos2D meets robertszeleney

I have heard, that no matter where you are in Austria, you are always in danger of falling off a high mountain. Which kind of explains why Austria has never won the European Championship in soccer.  I have also heard, that in a cave, carved into a snow filled mountain, […]


pfg2009 icon

Cocos2D meets pfg2009

Throughout the years, there have been some really talented and innovative developers using Cocos2D. For some time, I have been wanting to write blog entries about all these clever people. Few have made as many successful, high quality apps as pfg2009, so it made a lot of sense to start […]